About our pregnancy and infant loss meetings

At a Brief Encounters support meeting, you will find a safe and accepting place to come and remember your baby or babies. Here you can freely talk about your baby, say his or her name, cry and even laugh without the fear that someone might think you are “over” your loss. You will meet other grieving parents who, while on their own unique journey, can nonetheless empathize with your pain. Even if you were not able to see or hold your baby, his or her life will be recognized and honored. You will also learn from other parents who are further along on their journey and you might find that you can in turn offer comfort to another grieving parent.

The meetings are held at the Peace House and are led by trained facilitators. Each session begins with an opportunity for you to light a candle in honor of your baby and share your story with the group. Those who do not wish to talk are welcome to pass. After everyone has a chance to share, there is group conversation, sometimes based on a topic already mentioned or other times geared toward an upcoming holiday or other relevant topic.

  • Before or after a meeting, you may want to browse through or borrow a book about grief from our lending library.

  • The meetings usually begin at 7 PM and officially end at 9 PM, but often people will stay later. Feel free to leave when you need to.

  • There is no need to make a reservation to attend a meeting. You are welcome to bring a spouse, friend, family member or other support person. If you have a photo of your baby or other memento you’d like to share, please bring it.

  • There is no charge to attend meetings.

  • Out of respect for other grieving parents, we ask that children not attend any meetings except for the Subsequent Pregnancy meeting.